They’re EXES for a Reason


At the end of last month, my ex-boyfriend sent me a message on Facebook letting me know that he was traveling with a musician friend of his as his roadie.  This musician, John Whipple, was doing a mini-tour and he had some stops in Texas, including in Austin.  I told him that I would come out to the show.  There was a little more communication between me & my ex before the actual date of the show (April 10th), but aside from me going to the show there were no plans made outside of that.  At that point I didn’t even know when they would be getting into town.  Well, I talked to said ex a few days before they arrived in Austin to let him know I would be off the day of the show and to let me know what they were up to and maybe we could hang out before John played.  I thought, ‘cool, we have plans for Wednesday.’  But then he sends me a text on Monday asking me if I’d be watching the BULLS game the next night.  Well, DUH!!  Anybody that knows me knows that I don’t miss games.  And since it wasn’t a major game, it wasn’t televised, which meant I’d be watching it on my computer and I couldn’t record it if I didn’t watch it.  Bottom line is I DON’T MISS GAMES.  Period.  And since we had already established that I was off on Wednesday, I figured that we had plans that day.  Well, apparently that wasn’t good enough.  This guy (my ex) calls me and tells me that I’m lame and he can’t believe I won’t come out and I’m choosing a regular season game over him, blah, blah.  And after those comments that’s what I heard…a lot of BS!!  Then he basically hangs up on me after I tell him, HELLO, I already told you I’m off tomorrow.  Let me know what you’re doing tomorrow.  Nice.  So I was left kind of miffed.  I had a feeling I wouldn’t hear from him the next day, which I didn’t.  So of course I didn’t go to his buddy’s gig.  I mean, REALLY???  Do you blame me?  And then, it got even better.  This ex of mine ended up deleting me as a friend on Facebook.  How old are we??!!  I tend to be more of a loner these days for the sheer reason that I HATE to deal with this kind of drama.  I used to live for drama in my life.  But NO MORE!!  I’m still giggling about this whole situation.  The funniest part about all of this is that I didn’t even care for his friend’s music…AT ALL!  I would never have chosen to go see him play on my own.  So the fact that this ex turned the situation into such a negative one simply leads me to believe that it’s best to leave the past in the past.  And yes, I DID choose a BULLS game over you, sir.  Go home to your wife and kids and get over it!

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