The Dronings release LCD on 5/8/12

The Dronings release LCD 5/8/12

The Dronings release LCD 5/8/12

Typically I’m not in the business of promoting albums.  In fact, I’ve managed to steer way clear of really even discussing that kind of thing.  My goal when I started this site was to stick to talking about & promoting LIVE music.  Of course, I love recordings.  In fact, that’s mostly where I get my first listen to a band BEFORE I decide if I want to see them live.  But this is a special situation.  So I decided to step outside my box.  I got a preview of an album that will be released in a couple of weeks.  It’s being put out by a classmate and I’m more than happy to show him some support here.  His name is Matthew Curtis and he does his music under the alias of The Dronings.

After listening to this album, I can say that the band name in no way reflects the type of music he does.  The music veers from sunny, strummy ukulele to a more eerie tinged guitar accompaniment.  In general, this album is a collection of songs that speak to Matthew’s encounters with life, love, & heartbreak.  He paints a quirky, but honest picture of experiences he’s had while living in Austin.  Matthew does not hold back either.  He really lays it all out there…even the weird stuff.  That type of openness really lures you in as a listener.  It seems that the majority of the songs lean more toward a darker, quieter side.  LCD, the title song, is the standout of the album.  It carries with it the hope and carefree spirit of the oncoming Summer days.  The hand claps, the birds chirping, and the happy guitar and vocals all make you want to throw any work aside, leave your worries behind, and go out to play.  The album overall is quite easy on the ears.  The more I listen to it, the more I like it.  I suggest you check it out!

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