The Bulls: Reality Check

“It can be within a couple of weeks. It could be next year. It could be any day. It could be any time. It’s just that I’m not coming back until I’m ready. With all the hard work I’ve been putting into my craft, I think I’m going to be OK. I’m not coming back until I’m 110%…..Right now, I’m probably in the high 80s”

Can he really help?

Can he really help?

Derrick Rose posted this on his Facebook page today, probably because the media is foaming at the mouth for some answers on when he will return to the floor.  Ever since last year, the return date has always been said to be “after the All Star break”.  Well, the All Star break is finally just around the corner and now EVERYONE, fans & media alike, are dying to know that return date.  I commend Derrick on posting some sort of response because I’m sure he’s been barraged with questions.  And since he tends to stay out of that media spotlight, this was his way of letting his fans know.  It does make me nervous though, because  a lot of sports media outlets have given this Bulls team a ton of credit for their efforts without Rose this season.  As an avid fan, I also give them a ton of props.  But I’ve also watched every game without exception and have seen the games that didn’t turn out quite the way they should have.  And yet, those same sports media outlets seem to think that if the Bulls just hold on till Rose gets back they actually have a chance at going to the Finals.  I almost fell into that trap too; because the truth is I LOVE this team.  I’m very connected to them as players and I root for them wholeheartedly every night.  And some nights they make me mad, they disappoint me, but I always shake it off and come right back to them.  I’ve gotten to know their style of play so well that I can usually tell in the first half if it’s gonna be a win or a loss that night.  I really am connected to this team.  But here’s the thing, as much as I love them, I can still be realistic about what I think they can achieve this season.  I want to jump on to that Finals Bandwagon too, but lately they seem to be operating on fumes.  Boozer’s hamstring injury, Deng’s hamstring injury, Hinrich’s elbow infection, Noah’s plantar fasciitis, and of course Rose’s ACL injury don’t add up to a Championship team…no matter how deep they are.  And even if they did make it to the Finals, then what???  I don’t see us beating any qualifying Western Conference team.  In fact, the numbers pretty much say that it couldn’t happen.  Almost 50% of their 21 losses have been against Western Conference Playoff contenders.  They’ve lost games to O.K.C. (1), Clippers (2), Houston (2), Memphis (2), Denver (1), & San Antonio (1).  The ONLY team in the top 8 in the West that they were able to beat was Utah…and that doesn’t say too much.  So even if Rose did make it back to help them finish out this season and take them into the Playoffs, could he really contribute enough to pull them up to that next level??  My heart says, HELL YEAH, but my gut says NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!  And I always tell myself, ‘listen to your gut’!!!

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