8/31/95…Live with PJ Harvey & Veruca Salt @ New World Music Theatre, Chicago

Live @ New World Music Theatre 8/31/95

Live @ New World Music Theatre 8/31/95

This was a GREAT way to end my Summer Shows.  I went with my best friend and another good friend of mine.  I was all about this show for the entire line-up.  I had already seen Live the year before and was still loving their music, so I thought it would be nice to catch them in an outdoor show as they swung back around to Chicago.  This show was even better though because of the added girl power.  Veruca Salt had been hitting big nationally as a local band.  I loved their album American Thighs.  They were quite popular in their hometown of Chicago.  They did a quick set (about 40 minutes) and hit all their major songs.  They were good.  I don’t remember them being fantastic live.  At this time, I wasn’t very familiar with PJ Harvey.  In fact, I didn’t know anything about her or any of her music.  My good friend, who went to this show with me, told me I would love her, that she was great.  She definitely got me interested in what I was about to hear/see.  I didn’t love every song PJ performed, but there was one song called “Me-Jane” that I totally loved.  In fact, I loved it so freakin’ much that I went out and bought the album it was on, Rid Of Me; and from there I was hooked.  PJ Harvey ROCKED!!  What was unfortunate was how much of a contrast her music was to Live’s.  It took a minute to shake off all her levels of bad-assness and get into Live.  But eventually I did and ended up enjoying Live’s set.  I really did love their album Throwing Copper, so it was good to hear so many of those songs live.  I’m sure they also threw in some of their older stuff, which by now, I had stocked up on.  I was a fan and still really am of their first few albums.  I’m so happy I went to this show, not only to see Live again, but also to discover such a great artist (PJ Harvey) that I still love today.


  1. Db says:

    So the order was Veruca Salt, Polly Jean, then Live as the headliner? PJ Harvey IS badass.

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