8/30/98…Cheap Trick, Las Vegas NV

Talk about a weekend getaway…Yes, this was one of them.  At this time, I was still working for Marshall Field’s in Chicago.  After almost a year there, I had become quite friendly with some of my Men’s Clothing Sales Reps.  One of them, in particular, became somebody that I started to hang out with outside of work.  She was a super cool girl originally from Minnesota.  She told me that a huge retail conference was coming up in Vegas called MAGIC.  I had never heard of it and had no idea what it was.  But apparently it was huge in the fashion industry.  She told me I should go with her.  I was like, “Are you serious??”  She said, “YES!!  You can stay in my hotel room with me and then all you’d have to pay for is the flight.”  Hmmm…didn’t take me too long to go along with that.  So once it was all said and done, I booked my flight to arrive on Saturday, August 29th and leave on Monday, August 31st.  What ended up being great about this show for me was that I actually attended the conference and got to preview the Spring line for a lot of the Men’s brands I carried in my departments.  I knew a ton of people there because a bunch of my sales reps were manning the booths.  It was so much fun.  And on top of it all, I got to go to a private show with Cheap Trick that they did for some of the MAGIC attendees.  It was so fun!  For the life of me, I CANNOT remember what venue they played at.  I know it was at one of the hotels, but who knows which one??  The guy in the picture, Jason, is someone I ended up dating because of this trip.  I met him for the first time during dinner with his brand’s bosses, who were also Melissa’s bosses.  He was based in the New York offices, but coincidentally was originally from Chicago.  He was not into Cheap Trick, so he kept making fun of them the whole time.  At first I restrained myself because of him.  But then, I was like, ‘screw it’, and I was up and singing along.  Come on!!  It’s Cheap Trick. lol  All in all, this was an incredible weekend of fun, music, & surprises.

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