6/15/96…Morphine @ Riviera Theater, Chicago

Morphine @ The Riv 6/15/96

Morphine @ The Riv 6/15/96

UGH!!  I have such uncomfortable memories of this show.  I had purchased tickets with my good friend & my boyfriend had purchased tickets with his friends.  The problem was my boyfriend and I had broken up for a few weeks and then gotten back together the night before this show…the night of my birthday.  Everything was great until he decided, insisted, that we NOT hang out during the show.  He said that since he was going with his friends & I was going with mine that we should stay apart.  WTF??  I traveled on the train to the show with him, but as soon as we got to the venue we did split up.  I was so annoyed by this, which made enjoying the show really difficult.  My friend tried to get me to ignore the situation, but man it was hard.  I remember the band sounding incredible.  This friend was actually the one who had originally introduced me to Morphine’s music.  They were so unique sounding, so cool.  The two albums I had by them, at the time, were Cure For Pain & Yes.  I recognized a lot of these songs, but they also pulled from further back in their catalog.  If it hadn’t been for the awkwardness between me & my boyfriend, I KNOW I would’ve enjoyed this show so much more.  The funny thing is that we were broken up for good just a couple of weeks later.  Is it any wonder?? lol

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