6/13/98…The Phantom of the Opera @ Civic Opera House, Chicago

The Phantom of the Opera @ Civic Opera House 6/13/98

The Phantom of the Opera @ Civic Opera House 6/13/98

What a nice way to celebrate my birthday.  Aside from the show STOMP, I really hadn’t seen many shows in a theater.  The only other musical I had seen was Miss Saigon a few years before this.  At this point in my life, I was a Sales Manager with Marshall Field’s.  I was living the life in downtown Chicago.  Many things had shifted & changed quite dramatically in my life-living in the city was just one of them.  While I’m sure I missed going to concerts since I had lost my concert buddy, I simply found other ways to enjoy myself.  One of those ways was by experiencing new things, like checking out musical theater.  One of my employees at Field’s was dating a guy who was on the board for the Civic Opera House.  He knew that my birthday was coming up, so he so kindly gave me two tickets to Phantom of the Opera as a gift.  I was very touched.  It was above and beyond my expectations.  In fact, I didn’t expect anything, so it was a lovely surprise.  I think I took my best friend’s little sister since she had just celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks before mine.  We made it a dual celebration.  My birthday is June 14th, so this was a great way to start the weekend fun.  It was quite a beautiful show.  I’m happy that I got to experience it, especially with my little sister.

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