5/27/95…Q101 Jamboree ’95 @ New World Music Theatre, Chicago

Q101 Jamboree '95 @ New World Music Theatre 5/27/95

Q101 Jamboree ’95 @ New World Music Theatre 5/27/95

Q101 was the radio station of choice for alternative music lovers like myself.  This was the first music festival they had ever hosted and it was held at the newly named New World Music Theatre.  My friends & I were very excited about this show because of the great line up.  I remember a whole gang of us trekking to this show.  This is probably one of my foggiest shows.  Foggy in the sense that when I look at the line up, I have a very hard time remembering who I saw and I who I didn’t see.  So first, here’s the line up:

1995 – Bush, Collective Soul, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews Band, Duran Duran, Faith No More, The Flaming Lips, KMFDM, The Lupins, Phunk Junkeez, Sponge, The Stone Roses

Now, who did I see?  Hmmm, well I definitely remember seeing KMFDM.  In fact, I pretty much only remember seeing KMFDM.  You can use your own imagination as to why my head was so clouded.  KMFDM weren’t even on the main stage.  They were on the second stage and my friend & I made a point of going to see them play.  It was a nice crowd, it was during the day (I remember the sun still being out), and everyone was dancing & swaying to the music.  It was GREAT!   I also know that I missed The Stone Roses, probably because we got there late…maybe.  I can’t even tell the order of this line up, to be honest.  It’s crazy how some of these shows are so deeply lodged in my memory banks, while others don’t hold a shred of detail.  I guess it all depended on what I was in to at that particular show. lol  It makes me sad that I’ve forgotten so many details about this show in particular because, just looking at this line up, there are so many bands that I still want to see…but maybe I’ve seen them already.  Who knows?  I’m sure I had a blast, regardless of how much I remember about it.


  1. Royal says:

    Wow…totally remember this show! Faith No More were amazing, and Duran Duran kept having issues with John’s bass amp shorting out. Totally missed KMFDM and The Flaming Lips, because I didn’t realize there was a second stage…I can’t believe I missed TFL in their earliest days. 🙁

  2. nick says:

    Faith No More went on last and they played a cover of the Commodores “Easy”. Stone Roses were on during the daytime and were hard to hear. When Duran Duran took the stage, the power went out and they had to stop playing. It was kind of embarrassing.

    • manzana88 says:

      I don’t remember any of that!! lol Thanks for the reminders!! I think I missed Stone Roses altogether. I’m pretty sure my friends and I got there late. We were all pretty out of it.

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