4/20/96…Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers @ United Center, Chicago

Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers 4/20/96

Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers 4/20/96

This was the second to last game of the Bulls history making ’95-’96 season.  They ended with their best record ever, 72-10.  And unfortunately, this 100-99 loss against the Pacers was their 10th and final loss for this amazing season.  Of course, Jordan was the Bulls leading scorer with 24 points.  I went to this game with my boyfriend.  We had nosebleed seats, but we still enjoyed the game.  This was only the second game I had ever attended so I was very happy to see my team play again, even though they lost.  I guess I wasn’t the lucky charm anymore…or maybe it was my boyfriend who brought them the bad luck.  lol  Either way I was happy to be a part of Chicago Bulls history.  Not only was this their comeback to being 3-peat-Repeat champions, but their regular and postseason record of 87-13 turned out to be the best in NBA history!    This was also the season where Michael Jordan became All-Star, Regular Season and Finals MVP.  Coach Phil Jackson was Coach of the Year and Toni Kukoc won Sixth Man of the Year.  What an incredible season for this team and what an incredible honor, as a fan, to be a part of it!!

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