4/20/95…Better Than Ezra with Dishwalla @ The Double Door, Chicago

Better Than Ezra @ The Double Door 4/20/95

Better Than Ezra @ The Double Door 4/20/95

This was a fun show.  My best friend and I decided to go to this because we really had been enjoying Better Than Ezra’s song “Good”.  I know I had their album, Deluxe, so it wasn’t only about the one song; I liked the whole album.  I can’t remember if we knew Dishwalla was opening for them or if we found out that night.  Either way, we pretty much enjoyed their performance.  I know my best friend was digging on the lead singer because he reminded her of an ex.  Because this was a club show, it was a pretty small space and we were standing directly in front of the band.  It was a very casual show.  She & I totally enjoyed ourselves, singing along, acting crazy.  At one point when Better Than Ezra was performing, they were asking the crowd what song they wanted to hear.  My best friend yelled out a Beatles song, which looking back is pretty hilarious, because I think they were looking for choices from their own catalog. lmao  It was funny.  After the show both bands just hung out in the bar.  We chatted with the drummer & guitarist of Better Than Ezra for a while, which was pretty cool.  Then we talked to the lead singer of Dishwalla to find out more about them & what they were up to that night.  My best friend was super bold trying to get them to hang out with us.  It was great.  This wasn’t a big show, but it was very memorable.

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