3/7/97…Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers @ United Center, Chicago

Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers 3/7/97

Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers 3/7/97

This was only the third Bulls game I had ever attended.  I remember the game, but I have no idea who I went with.  Weird!!  I had nosebleed seats, but it was still an incredible game.  The last game I had been to had been against the Pacers and the Bulls had lost by ONE POINT!!  UGH!!  This game definitely had a better outcome.  Games against Indiana were always tight.  Reggie Miller was also a hugely competitive player.  He & Jordan would battle it out.  This time MJ and his team prevailed!!  The Bulls won 104-96.  MJ  had 38 points with Scottie following him up with 24.  I was so happy that the lucky streak I initially experienced at a game once again came out on top.  I must have gone to the game with a friend and NOT a boyfriend. lol  This would not be the last I would see of my team this season.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…

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