3/29/95…Sarah McLachlan with Paula Cole @ Chicago Theatre, Chicago

Sarah McLachlan @ Chicago Theatre 3/29/95

Sarah McLachlan @ Chicago Theatre 3/29/95

I first discovered Sarah McLachlan’s music by chance.  In 1993, a compilation CD called No Alternative was put together to benefit AIDS relief.  I bought the CD because of all the amazing bands that were on it and of course for the cause.  I was familiar with most of the bands that were represented on there, but I had no idea who Sarah was.  Her song that was on there, “Hold On”, caught my ear pretty quickly.  It was just so beautiful…musically, lyrically, vocally.  After several listens I was pretty intrigued about her.  I ended up buying her most current album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, soon after.  OMG.  I completely fell in love with this album and with her music, in general.  I really couldn’t get enough of it.  So I backtracked to her older albums, just so I could get some more of her music.  She became my musical angel.  I really identified with her lyrics and that voice…wow!  The next year the guy I was seeing somehow got tickets to see her perform.  He went with his sister.  I remember being so upset & jealous that he didn’t take me.  He bought me a T-shirt from that show, but somehow that didn’t quite cut it for me.  So when she came back around to Chi-town in ’95, he made sure to buy tickets for me.  I was ecstatic.  Paula Cole opened for her.  We didn’t know who she was at the time, but she was mighty impressive.  She was so creative in how she made her music.  And soon after, her song “I Don’t Want To Wait” started getting major air play on the radio.  The album from which that song came, This Fire, later became quite a big seller.  I was happy that I enjoyed Paula’s set, but I couldn’t wait for Sarah.  She definitely had a very large female audience.  Chicago Theatre is a beautiful venue to see an artist like Sarah.  The acoustics were fantastic and they just heightened the beauty of her songs.  She sounded INCREDIBLE live…better than on record, if that’s even possible.  And she really connected with the audience.  There was a lot of between-song chatting.  It felt like a one-on-one conversation she was having with us.  It was fantastic!  Needless to say, this was a very memorable show for me.  I will always treasure it.

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