3/21/95…Weezer with Archers Of Loaf @ Metro, Chicago

Weezer @ Metro 3/21/95

Weezer @ Metro 3/21/95

So maybe I don’t remember when Weezer opened up for Live, but I DEFINITELY remember this show.  This particular tour was in support of their Blue Album.  After almost a year from its release date, Weezer had become pretty damn popular.  I was super excited to see them live.  And from the amount of people who showed up to this show, I wasn’t the only one.  I always loved the Metro as a live venue because it wasn’t a huge space & it was usually pretty easy to get close enough to the stage to enjoy the show.  Well, that just didn’t work out on this particular evening.  When I say it was crowded, it was PACKED!!  I had no desire to push through the crowd, so my boyfriend, his brother, & I actually hung out on the balcony.  I had to force my way up to the front of the balcony, so I could truly enjoy the show, which I did.  But it was a constant struggle to find a good view throughout the performance.  I remember Rivers Cuomo coming out in his little sweater and glasses and looking all kinds of dorky.  I loved it!  He totally reminded me of Mr. Rogers.  They had a great set list, focusing mainly on their most current songs:

I was in love with this album, so I enjoyed it tremendously.  The opening band was ok.  I don’t remember liking them too much.  They obviously didn’t make much of an impact since I never got into them.  Weezer, though, did it for me then & still does it for me now!!  GREAT show!

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