2/27/96…Oasis with Pulsars @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

Oasis @ Aragon Ballroom 2/27/96

Oasis @ Aragon Ballroom 2/27/96

(What’s The Story)…Morning Glory? was an extensive Oasis tour that began in the Summer of 1995 and went through the following December of 1996.  The band traveled all around the world, making two stops in Chicago.  Their first stop was for a radio festival at the end of ’95, which I missed.  But I COULD NOT and DID NOT miss their second show at the Aragon Ballroom on 2/27/96.  I had started liking this band after I got a hold of their first major release in 1994, Definitely Maybe.  They didn’t sound like all the typical grunge bands out at the time.  They were a true British band with a bit of The Beatles and a bit of psychedelia, all at the same time.  I dug it.  But, I honestly didn’t really get into them until their next release, (What’s The Story)…Morning Glory?.  This album turned me inside out for this band.  I was in love!!  Being such a huge Beatles fan, I fell for all the references to them that appeared on this album.  “Wonderwall” floored me.  I could not get enough of this song!!  I know that I wasn’t the only one to feel this way.  What always struck me as funny was how much this band fought against all The Beatles comparisons.  I mean, they obviously were influenced by this band.  Why the hell not just admit it??  Too much!  As much as I loved this show, it was obvious that the Gallagher Brothers were NOT getting along.  The tension was apparent even from beyond the stage.  In fact, Noel ended up singing a sped-up, extremely shortened version of “Wonderwall”, to my chagrin.  I’m sure they were sick of the song at this point, but c’mon…give the fans what they want!!  Take a look at the set list.  As you can see, they couldn’t stray far from The Beatles…

  1. The Swamp Song
  2. Acquiesce
  3. Supersonic
  4. Hello
  5. Some Might Say
  6. Roll With It
  7. Shakermaker
  8. Morning Glory
  9. Cigarettes & Alcohol
  10. Champagne Supernova
  11. Noel Gallagher’s Acoustic Set
  12. Wonderwall
  13. Whatever
(Ending with Octopus’s Garden)
  14. Slide Away
  15. Rest of Electric Set
  16. Don’t Look Back in Anger
  17. Live Forever
  18. I Am the Walrus
(The Beatles cover)

Before the end of  “Live Forever” I remember I ran to the bathroom.  I couldn’t hold it anymore.  It was at that point that they ended the show with “I Am The Walrus”.  I actually missed it.  And when I got back, my boyfriend told me they had played it.  I was sooo upset…and obviously still am, since I remember it so bitterly.  Oh well, I did see and enjoy the rest of the show.  This was the one & only time I ever saw this band.  As much as I liked their music, I think the internal bickering between the two and the bad attitudes kinda turned me off to seeing them again.  I am still a fan, though, of the music they put out together.  I should also mention that a local Chicago band, Pulsars, opened for Oasis.  Unfortunately, they made no impact whatsoever on me; I don’t even remember if I liked them or not.  I was way too excited to see Oasis, with good reason.

Front of commemorative t-shirt. 2/27/96

Front of commemorative t-shirt.


  1. Adam says:

    Hey My ticket says “RIVIERA?” Did they change the venue?

  2. Anonymous says:

    How the heck did you remember the set list?

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