12/6/95…Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks @ United Center, Chicago


Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks @ United Center 12/6/95

It’s hard to believe that this was my first Bulls game…but it was.  It took me a damn long time to get there.  And it was sheer chance that got me to this game.  A really good friend of mine worked at a bar in Chicago called The Outpost.  It became the hang-out spot for me and my friends.  We were friendly with the owner and my best friend also started dating another guy that worked there.  We loved this place.  We were comfortable there.  And we were there all the time.  One night, not too long before this game, I happened to meet this guy named Josh (in the picture).  We chatted a lot and somehow we got on the topic of the Bulls.  He might have asked me if I had ever been to a game.  And of course, the answer was no.    He ended up inviting me to go with him to this game on December 6th.  Of course I said YES!!  I was so very excited!!  Plus, at this point Michael Jordan was back from his “retirement”, so I couldn’t wait to see him play, especially against the sucky Knicks! lol  The seats were up in the first balcony, but they were still pretty good.  I was fixated on the game.  I can’t say I was very good for conversation because I was so taken with watching my guys play.  Poor Josh.  He had no idea what he was getting himself into. I have to say that I enjoyed myself thoroughly!!   MJ didn’t even have that great of a game-only 22 points.  But the Bulls did pull off a 101-94 win.  Woo hoo!!  I thought it was a great sign that my first game turned out to be a winning one.  I was so grateful that Josh had been so kind to take me to a game that I ended up sending him a plant.  I know. lol  But I thought it would be weird to send him flowers.  It later became a running joke between us about me sending him this plant.  He reciprocated at a later date with some beautiful exotic flowers.  I think he won the greenery competition, hands down!  I never really hung out with Josh again, unless I saw him at The Outpost.  But I will always remember him as the guy that brought me to see my favorite team for the first time…DA BULLS!!

Josh & I at The Outpost 4/25/96

Josh & I at The Outpost

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