9/25/93…Alice In Chains @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

Alice In Chains @ Aragon Ballroom 9/25/93

Alice In Chains @ Aragon Ballroom 9/25/93

This show was definitely an event for me & my friends.  Alice In Chains was HUGE by this time.  And since the last time I had seen them was while I had a massive headache, I was looking forward to seeing them with NO pain.  A bunch of us went together.  Originally I had bought a ticket for my friend, Pat, but I ended up giving it to Tim’s brother, Jon, as a birthday present.

Pat managed to find a way there anyway, as you can see by the guest pass he picked up. Yes, that was his pass that I later swiped from him.

Guest Pass (Pat’s) 9/25/93

Guest Pass (Pat’s) 9/25/93

I remember this show as being a blast!!  Most of us remained on the fringes of the crowd this time.  I know I had no desire to fight to be in front.  I just wanted to enjoy the music and my friends…especially Jon. lol  I think I had a crush on him at this time. Yeah, I know I did.  I wish I could find some clips, a set list, or anything about this show; something beyond what my own memory holds, but I came up with nothing.  There’s nothing out there.    This show would’ve been promoting Dirt, so I can only imagine what a fantastic set it was!  What I do remember is that we all had a GREAT time and Alice In Chains ROCKED!!!



  1. Jeff says:

    Great show that almost got cut short cause layne jumped into the crowd and got pissed cause somebody grabbed his nuts. He did a few more songs but was clearly pissed after that happened.

  2. Mike says:

    Was talking with my son the other night about this concert. Haha, he said I was lucky
    Damn right I was
    Great night great show
    Anyone out there remember a car being on its side possibly upside down and on fire after the show???
    I’ve been telling this for years and now I’m not sure . I swear man I remember that so vividly…….Anyone!

  3. Michael says:

    Hi – Great post! I was also there that night and wish there was video or a recording. They opened with a huge white sheet in front of the stage and that net. I am 100% sure they played Rotten Apple to open the show, the whole song played behind the sheet. I remember you could see the silhouettes of the band and the witches hat Layne was wearing looked huge and ominous. After they finished Rotten Apple, the white sheet dropped and they slammed into Them Bones with Layne climbing around the net. The whole place went absolutely crazy. The rest of the show is a blur, but I am certain it was Rotten Apple and Them Bones to open. What a great night! It’s hard to believe it was over 25 years ago. How lucky were we to see the band with Layne in their prime? Unreal.

  4. Jaymz says:

    Are you sure it was them bones? I was there as well….seem to remember layne hanging from the net starting with something slow…..

    • Brian Knipp says:

      Yea he was hanging from a net. Looking back, I think they were maybe previewing Jar of Flies at the beginning?? Great show

      • Michael says:

        Definitely opened with Rotten Apple behind the white sheet – once the sheet dropped they launched into Them Bones with Layne climbing around the net.

  5. Billy V says:

    Sweet Water
    Alice in Chains

  6. Rob Wentz says:

    Wow. how could you forget details on this show? 🙂 I attended hundreds and this one really stands out.

    I was at this show also – I’m really shocked to have not found any clips of it anywhere, I can only imagine someone recorded some part of it either audio or video. I do remember it was after jar of flies came out and they did play some of the tracks off that EP – swing on this was played, I remember dancing around to that.

    I also remember there was a HUGE net hung out in front of the stage up above from the rafters and like their (much smaller) show in 92 at the Riv they opened with “them bones” with a huge white sheet between the band and the audience, rear projecting the band’s silhouettes onto the sheet until the moment Layne started the opening vox “AHH!” “AHHH!” Except for the aragon show Layne wasn’t standing on the stage, he was suspended, hanging from the net above the crowd near the front of the venue. My friends and I were up pretty close and I have to say even having seen great bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Fugazi and many others there I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a more electrifying show than this one. Just seeing Layne dangling up above us from a net singing w/ a wireless mic made for an INCREDIBLY intense opening to a killer band’s performance.

    I honestly feel it’s an utter disgrace the band didn’t change their name after hiring this dude singing for them now. Just watching some clips on youtube – they have the intensity of a christian rock band now. horrible. terrible. i can not unwatch that.

    By the way you mention you had seen an AIC show before this one, if it happened to be the show at the Riv you might enjoy this – http://youtu.be/HDsZ_bwIcTk

    • manzana88 says:

      OMG…thanks for sharing all of these amazing details. I wish somebody had taken video of this because I totally would’ve posted it here. I honestly don’t remember one bit of what you described. My friends and I were pretty drunk when we got to the show and we hung out in the back the whole time. Don’t judge…I was young & stupid. Going to shows was just how we hung out…and most of the time hanging out meant drinking heavily. lol I didn’t see them at the Riv, unfortunately. I had seen them previously at Lollapalooza. But I look forward to checking out the link you shared. After Layne passed, AIC was dead to me. I know that Jerry Cantrell is the mastermind behind the songs, but without Layne, it’s just not Alice In Chains.

  7. manzana88 says:

    Hey Kyle, thanks so much! I had a problem finding any info about this show too. So weird. Thankfully I keep all my ticket stubs as a reminder. As far as what Layne was wearing, I have no idea. I never got close enough to the stage. I went with about 6 friends and we were all hanging out, enjoying the music & drinking at the very back of the venue.

  8. Kyle says:

    do you remember if layne was wearing a suit at this show? Great page, I’d say you have the only page that shows this show actually existed. No other alice in chains website has this in their archives. Not even the ballroom.

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