9/25/92…Warrant with Babylon A.D. & Saigon Kick @ Odeum, Chicago

Blaze Fest '92 @ Odeum 9/25/92

Blaze Fest ’92 @ Odeum 9/25/92

This would be my third time seeing Warrant.  What’s funny is, I know I liked Warrant, but I really don’t remember liking them this much.  But maybe it was more about the “show” than the band.  I was excited to see Saigon Kick too.  I had just been getting into them from their new album The Lizard.  I remember this night as being rainy and the club being pretty crowded.  I know for sure I was there with my best friend.  But I am also pretty sure we had a bunch of other friends there too.  I guess that’s what I mean when I say that it was more about “the show”; it was a social event.  Since this was a general admission show, we tried to get as close to the stage as possible.  It got too crowded so somehow I ended up sitting in the VIP section right next to the stage.  I can’t remember if somebody let me in or if I just kinda walked in.  Either way, I was happy and comfortable.  I’m pretty sure I just saw Warrant from there and I saw Saigon Kick from the floor.  I could be wrong.  Saigon Kick’s set focused mostly on their newest album, but also threw in some older stuff.

  1. The Lizard
  2. Freedom
  3. All Alright
  4. Coming Home
  5. Colors
  6. Suzy
  7. God of 42nd Street
  8. All I Want
  9. Peppermint Tribe
  10. Love Is On The Way
  11. Hostile Youth
  12. Ugly
  13. What Do You Do

Warrant had also just released a new album, Dog Eat Dog, and their set list focused on the new songs but also included their older hits.

  1. Machine Gun
  2. All My Bridges Are Burning
  3. Mr. Rainmaker
  4. Down Boys
  5. Song and Dance Man
  6. I Saw Red
  7. The Hole in My Wall
  8. April 2031
  9. Ridin’ High
  10. Heaven
  11. Hollywood (So Far, So Good)
  12. Cherry Pie
  13. Bonfire
  14. Inside Out
  15. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  16. Sure Feels Good to Me

Overall it was a fun show and one of the last major hair band shows I’d ever attend.

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