9/15/92…U2 with Big Audio Dynamite II & Public Enemy @ World Music Theatre, Chicago

U2 Zoo Tv-Outside Broadcast @ World Music Theatre 9/15/92

U2 Zoo Tv-Outside Broadcast @ World Music Theatre 9/15/92

This was not only a concert, it was an EVENT!!  I had never seen U2 live before and, WOW, this was quite a first show!  I remember being there with my best friend’s sister and her friend.  Here again, I really don’t remember seeing the opening bands.  I’m sure I did, but the main event was U2 and that is what is locked into my brain.  This was the first of a 3-night stint for the band at World Music Theatre.  Achtung Baby had been released almost a year earlier;  which was plenty of time for it to have become a fan favorite.  I loved the album, so I was super excited for them to start with only those songs.  But, obviously they didn’t stop there.  The set list captured songs from each of their albums.  I was a pretty big U2 fan by this point so I was beyond thrilled to hear all of these songs live for the first time.  This show was not only musically stimulating, but visually stunning.  Honestly, I was never quite sure where to look.  Bono was an epic front man and really got the audience involved in the show.  Since this show was just months before the presidential election, there were definitely many political undertones.  In fact, I remember that Bono actually called the White House from onstage.  I will never forget the show and the way it made me feel.  It was like nothing I had seen before, nor since!  The day after the show we heard that Bono had been out in the clubs (Shelter) after that night’s performance.  My best friend & I were so disappointed that we hadn’t gone out, so the next night they played (the 16th) we made sure to go to Shelter hoping he would make a second appearance.  That never happened.  Oh well…

A set list to die for:

  1. Zoo Station
  2. The Fly
  3. Even Better Than the Real Thing
  4. Mysterious Ways
  5. One
  6. Until the End of the World
  7. New Year’s Day
  8. The Wild Rover
(Dropkick Murphys cover) (Larry on vocals)
  9. Tryin’ to Throw Your Arms Around the World
  10. B-Stage:
  11. Angel of Harlem
  12. When Love Comes to Town
  13. Satellite of Love
(Lou Reed cover)
  14. So Cruel
(last performance ever)
  15. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  16. Bullet the Blue Sky
  17. Running to Stand Still
  18. Where the Streets Have No Name
  19. Pride (In the Name of Love)
  20. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  21. Stand by Me
(Ben E. King cover)
  22. Encore:
  23. Desire
  24. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
  25. With or Without You
  26. Love Is Blindness
  27. Can’t Help Falling in Love
(Elvis Presley cover)


  1. Andy Papier says:

    It was a great show. I snuck up to the 10th row from the lawn seats. However, it is a shame you didn’t see the openers. BAD played basically played Clash tunes, and Public Enemy was fantastic. Definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever been too. Essentially you got the Clash, PE and U2. That’s hard to beat.

    • manzana88 says:

      I agree. It was one of the best shows. Maybe I missed the opening bands, but it was all about U2 for me. And they played one of the most amazing shows I have EVER been to. It was worth it just to see THEM!!

  2. jay westbay says:

    i was at the concert, we drove from louisville spent the night at a budgetel outside of the town and went go see the cubs play the next day. We met Harry Carry and john aston at the game.
    we loved ryan sandberg and steve stone.
    drive to louisville that night.

  3. Jeff Lopatka says:

    I was 13 and a freshman in high school when I got brought to this show. I can only remember bits and pieces at this point, but I’m glad someone took the time to do this epic — albeit unlikely — lineup some respect with a blog entry.


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