7/3/93…Lollapalooza 1993 @ World Music Theatre, Chicago

Lollapalooza 1993 @ World Music Theatre 7/3/93

Lollapalooza 1993 @ World Music Theatre 7/3/93

Val, Cori, & I before the show. 7/3/93

Val, Cori, & I before the show. 7/3/93


This was our first Lollapalooza & we were quite excited!  About a month before the fest I remember meeting a guy on the Metra, coming home from UIC, who told me about Rage Against The Machine.  The way he described them made me want to hear more.  I went out and bought their album before Lollapalooza and got really into them, especially “Killing In The Name”.  They were the first band on the main stage and I REALLY wanted to get there in time to see them.  Well, of course we were late and the only song I heard was their last one, which was “Killing In The Name”.  And I didn’t really see them, I only heard that song as we were walking in.  I was sooo disappointed.  But not for long, because Tool came on next.  I’ll be honest though, I don’t have a clear memory of their show.  Outdoor festivals like this were always extremely social.  And by social, I mean lots of walking around, talking to people, & drinking.  All of those factors combined didn’t always allow for the clearest memories.  The next band that I really remember seeing was Front 242.  We had liked them & had been dancing our butts off to them for years.  It was GREAT to be able to get the live experience and of course dance our asses off!  Arrested Development came on next and I know we hung out to hear them, but I don’t think they were our favorites.  In between them & Alice In Chains I think we did more socializing & drinking than listening.  Because I don’t remember Dinosaur Jr. or Fishbone AT ALL!!  In fact, even though I was super excited & into Alice In Chains once they came out, I had also developed a massive headache and hadn’t brought any pain medication with me.  Between the beating hot sun & all the drinking, I was pretty much down for the count.  We stayed till the end of Alice & then took off.  I couldn’t hang for the headliners, Primus, because I was in such miserable pain.  It’s very sad that I can’t find ANY footage of any of these performances to help jog my memory.  Wondering if any exists…


  1. Ronald says:

    I don’t remember Tool either. Weird.

  2. James Matthews says:

    Nice photo and thanks for sharing your memories on perhaps the ultimate ’90s gig. Those were the days.

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