7/25/93…Spin Doctors with Soul Asylum & Screaming Trees @ World Music Theatre, Chicago

Spin Doctors with Soul Asylum & Screaming Trees @ World Music Theatre 7/25/93

Spin Doctors with Soul Asylum & Screaming Trees @ World Music Theatre 7/25/93

This was such a goofy ticket, I know.  Even at the time, it was goofy.  Spin Doctors had been named the headliners early based on their breakout hit “Two Princes”.  Honestly, though, by the time this tour was in full force, radio had not only killed the hit, but it had KILLED the band’s rep.  EVERYONE was sick of them.  And Soul Asylum was the band that everyone was going to see.  In fact, when I bought this ticket it was for Soul Asylum.  They should have the been the headliners all the way.  They had an amazing reputation for being an incredible live band.  And they were.  They put on a fantastic, fun, crowd-pleasing set.  When my friends and I got to the arena, we were excited for the show.  We were running around the lawn during Screaming Trees’ set.  We liked them, but we were more interested in socializing while they were playing.  At one point, my girls & I had locked arms and were running down the hill in a chain.  I was at the end of this chain and they pulled me along at an incredibly fast pace.  So fast that I was dragged at high-speed into some girl, accidentally.  She didn’t realize it was an accident and actually hauled off & punched me in the arm.  OUCH!!  I was still being dragged along, so I never even had a chance to retaliate.  That shite HURT!!!  lol  Anyway, since we had seats in the pavilion, we actually went in & sat for Soul Asylum.  Like I already said, they were fantastic.  LOVED their show.  I found a clip of Runaway Train that is interspersed with a JBTV interview.  Just a taste of their set:

Once Spin Doctors came out, my friend Val was over it.  She did not want to see them at all.  I convinced her to stay for a bit.  But even I wasn’t impressed.  It was really disappointing that they closed the show.  I’m pretty sure we left early because we just weren’t into them.  I would’ve loved to hear more from Soul Asylum.  They were the stars of this ticket.


  1. Christopher Jon Emge says:

    I so remember thinking the same thing, Soul Asylum should have headlined.

    This was an MTV tour if I’m not mistaken. I had lawn seats at Deer Creek, they were like $10…a steal really

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