6/10/94…Soundgarden with Eleven & Tad @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

Soundgarden @ Aragon Ballroom 6/10/94

Soundgarden @ Aragon Ballroom 6/10/94

YES!!  Time to see Soundgarden headlining.  This may have been my third time seeing this band, but it was my first time seeing them front the show.  It obviously made a huge difference in their playing time.  I went with my girls, Cori & Val, as usual.  I found a very incomplete set list, but it definitely gives a taste of how they started the show.

  1. Jesus Christ Pose
  2. Spoonman
  3. Rusty Cage
  4. Slaves & Bulldozers

This tour was promoting Superunknown and the show drew heavy from this album.  But they definitely played a variety of their songs.  I remember dying to hear “Outshined”.  It’s always been one of my favorite songs by them.  I was screaming for it, praying for it, begging for it.  But unfortunately they never played it.  I was so sad.  Other than that personal miss, the band played songs from most of the earlier albums, so they still rocked the crowd.  As for the opening bands…I couldn’t tell you one thing about them. lol  What was even better about this Soundgarden show was that it was only the first of two shows for my birthday weekend.  I still had Depeche Mode to look forward to the following night.  Not a bad way to celebrate!!

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