5/25/91…Guns N Roses With Skid Row @ Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy WI

Guns N Roses @ Alpine Valley 5/25/91

Guns N Roses @ Alpine Valley 5/25/91

At the time that this show took place, THIS could not be a better line-up.  I had already seen Skid Row three times, but this would be my first time seeing GNR.  I was so excited!  The worst part of this day was the weather.  As you can see by my ticket, I got soaked.  I took in this show with my boyfriend (at the time).   My best friend and her boyfriend were supposed to come with us, but because of the horrible weather they got to my house way too late and we ended up leaving without them.  Oops.  We had lawn seats so there was no escaping the rain.  I’m pretty sure we had an umbrella and there were some breaks in the weather, but overall we endured the rain like champs.  Skid Row ROCKED the arena.  They seemed to get better and better with each show.  They had a really long set too.  They were more of a co-headliner than just an opener.  What sucked is that Axl was true to form and made the audience wait two and a half hours (I’m not kidding) between sets.  He was such a diva!!  It was ridiculous.  And I’m sure at some point I wanted to leave, but we hung in there and got a great show by GNR…eventually.  Overall this was one of the greatest rock shows I’ve ever been to. And here’s a little Mr. Brownstone to give you a taste:

The set list was pretty great too, as you can see:

  1. Right Next Door to Hell
  2. Mr. Brownstone
  3. Bad Obsession
  4. Dust N’ Bones
  5. Double Talkin’ Jive
  6. Speak Softly Love
(Andy Williams cover) (Godfather Theme)
  7. Pretty Tied Up
  8. Civil War
  9. My Michelle
  10. Patience
(with I Was Only Joking (Intro))
  11. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
(Bob Dylan cover) (with intro of Only Women Bleed)
  12. Drum Solo
(Matt Sorum)
  13. Slash Guitar Solo
  14. Live and Let Die
(Wings cover)
  15. Welcome to the Jungle
  16. Estranged
  17. Paradise City
  18. Sweet Child O’ Mine
(With Bad Time (Intro))





  1. Chuck B says:

    Me and 6 buddies from Peoria drove up for the 2nd night. It was the day after our high school graduation. It poured the entire time, but we were tripping balls. What a great show and memories! We stayed at The Sasso Kettle Moraine In in Eagle (I stole the door marker).

  2. Jason Perry says:

    I can totally relate to the weather for this show… but my story has a bit of a twist. The was my first big concert ever. I lied in order to borrow the car. Went up with a friend who brought a case of beer. We got to Alpine and tailgated for about an hour in the rain trying to “acclimate” ourselves to being drenched. Well… turns out our 13th row tickets were within the pavilion so we had a roof over our heads!! Once the music started non of that mattered. It was fucking awesome!

  3. Eric says:

    I was 16 Stole my dads car drove from Minneapolis to see show. I remember it was raining and we turned the grass slop running down to the stage into a muddy slip and slide. The show was great. On the drive home there was so much fog I drove my old mans car into a guard rail. What a night. Back then cops were way cooler .at least in Wisconsin. When they came to the acident they felt bad for me after I told them a sob story and let me drive home and never said a word about the bong in the front seat or the bag of buds in the glove box.
    Life was great at 16

  4. Neil says:

    We rented a car, and drove from NY to Chicago. We picked up some friends in Chicago straight to the concert. We had a great time, what a blast sitting on a hillside watching the show. I don’t remember it raining either, but was pretty high. We left there and drove straight home to be to work on time. Wife gotta speeder in Ohio too. First of four shows I saw. Axle was late to every one of them. No regrets, they kicked ass.

  5. Randy says:

    Ah the memories. Me and 4 buddies stayed the weekend at the Alpine Lodge. Fresh out of high school and my first adult adventure.What an amazing weekend that we talk about to this day.Props to Axel for performing both nights with a bum ankle/knee that required him to wear a brace.

    • manzana88 says:

      I love when people add details to a show that I didn’t even know about. I was far back on the lawn so I had NO idea that Axl was even wearing a brace!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Rebel Lemo says:

      I’m not sure about the date (25th) in the title of this Mr Brownstone video, I think it’s incorrect … I think this little pro shot video it’s from the first night show (24th) from the East Troy.. I’m 99% and who knows for sure, pls (let me know)!!!

  6. Aaron Seefeldt says:

    I was there in the rain. Great show! Axl was such an ass making everybody wait and wait and wait. But it was a great show once it got going.

    Saw G n’ R five times in the early 90’s with the highlight being at Wembley Stadium in London. Faith No More & Smashing Pumpkins opened that show!

  7. Mark says:

    I had just graduated high school went to both shows on lawn. Awesome

  8. Allen says:

    I was at both shows. .in the grass the first day..Under the roof the next. .. but really don’t remember it raining

  9. Phill says:

    I was there also, Slash took my hat and wore it during his solo

  10. bus says:

    I was there!

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