4/12/93…Blind Melon @ Metro, Chicago

Blind Melon @ Metro 4/12/93

Blind Melon @ Metro 4/12/93

I first heard about Blind Melon from my friend, Nick.  Shortly after they released their debut album in 1992, he was raving about them.  When the opportunity came to see them live, we jumped on it.  I happened to write a fairly detailed entry in my journal about this show, so I’m going to pull directly from that entry now.
As written on 4/14/93…The Blind Melon Show was incredible!  Cori & I ended up going without Val cuz she was still sick.  Cori & I met up with Nick & Kruchten.  We didn’t even pay attention to the opening band.  Blind Melon rocked!  A whole mosh pit started & of course I joined in.  Glenn stayed on the side, but Cori, Nick, & I went nuts!  In fact, I got two nice bruises on my arm.  I feel really achy…at least my arms & legs do.  It was so much fun.  People were really careful-to the point that if you fell (like I did) there would be 10 people at your side lifting you back up.  That’s cool.  It prevents people from getting hurt.  At one point Nick lifted me up so I could get passed around.  That was cool!  I got passed right up to the stage & then a guard kinda pushed me back.  I just smiled & said, “what’s up?”  Later Shannon (lead singer of Blind Melon) was asking the crowd if we were sweating.  Of course we’re all screaming, “YEAH”!  Then he asked, “Can you smell the person next to you?”  This time when I screamed, yeah, I had raised my arms in the air & Nick lifted me up from under my arms.  I was in line with Shannon so he totally looked at me & just smiled.  It was so perfect!  I was so happy Nick decided to do that.  I felt one on one with Shannon for that split second.  How great!
I’m so glad I got to see this show.  The next year when I saw them at Woodstock ’94, Shannon was a completely different person & performer.  I’m grateful that I saw him before he was lost to drugs.  Here is the song Deserted as recorded by a patron of this show:

The set list was focused on their debut album with a couple of surprises thrown in.

  1. I Wonder
  2. Tones of Home
  3. Deserted
  4. Holyman
  5. Dear Ol’ Dad
  6. Time
  7. No Rain
  8. Seed to a Tree
  9. Drive
  10. Life Ain’t So Shitty
  11. Change
  12. Dear Mr. Fantasy
  13. Sleepyhouse
  14. Soak The Sin



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