3/5/93…Bon Jovi with The Jeff Healey Band @ Rosemont Horizon, Chicago

Bon Jovi @ Rosemont Horizon 3/5/93

Bon Jovi @ Rosemont Horizon 3/5/93

Without doubt, this had to be the one of the best shows ever!!  This would be the last time I ever saw Bon Jovi live.  And what a way to end an era!  The Jeff Healey Band opened and while I wasn’t familiar with the music, it was a good performance.  My best friend and I had floor seats and happened to be seated next to Jon Bon Jovi’s cousin.  He told us he was a lawyer and showed us (or maybe gave us) a business card, which I no longer have.  Because of that, we were pretty calm throughout the show.  I wanted to sing along and have as much fun as I usually did at shows, but my best friend wanted to play it cool with this family member next to us.  It sucked too because this show was long & jam-packed with incredible songs.  Just check out the set list!!

  1. I Believe
  2. Wild in the Streets
  3. You Give Love a Bad Name
  4. Born to Be My Baby
  5. Bed of Roses
  6. Keep the Faith
  7. Blaze of Glory
  8. Dry County
  9. Lay Your Hands on Me
  10. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
  11. In These Arms
  12. Blood on Blood
  13. Bad Medicine
  14. Shout
 (The Isley Brothers cover)
  15. Wanted Dead or Alive
  16. I’ll Be There for You
  17. Runaway
  18. Livin’ on a Prayer
  19. With a Little Help from My Friends
 (The Beatles cover)
  20. Never Say Goodbye

And reading back on reviews of the show, this was probably one of the best shows of the Keep The Faith tour and a turning point in what started out as a somewhat lackluster set of shows.  UGH!!  I shouldn’t have let my best friend hold me back.  Definitely a regret.  Because as you can see in the picture, Jon’s cousin gave us a backstage pass, yes, but we didn’t get backstage.

After Show Pass Rosemont Horizon 3/5/93

After Show Pass
Rosemont Horizon

We were so excited when he handed us the passes after the show, but when we went to the backstage area and showed the guards, they told us the passes wouldn’t get us back there.  BOOO!!!!  All that restraint for NOTHING!  Oh well, at least I can say I was there!

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