3/30/91…Slaughter with Joker @ Riviera, Chicago

Slaughter @ Riviera 3/30/91

Slaughter @ Riviera 3/30/91

I went to this show with three of my close girlfriends.  This would be the first and only time I got to see this band perform.  I always loved Slaughter.  Their songs were so fun & catchy, but still rocked.  Since it was a general admission show, we wanted to get there with enough time to get a good spot in line.  That didn’t happen since we really didn’t know where The Riv was so it took us longer to get there.  Waiting in line outside of the venue, we did see Tim Kelly (lead guitarist) walking back inside.  Before the show, Dana Strum & Mark Slaughter did a very brief meet & greet.  We were determined to get up near them for pictures, so we were literally ‘those rude girls you hate’ that totally cut the line.  It paid off though as you can see by my pictures:

At the beginning of the show my friends & I tried to get as close as possible to the stage, but it got really crowded and overwhelming;  I could barely breathe.  So I ended up leaving the crowd and sitting up in the balcony to enjoy the show.  And enjoy the show I did!  I actually got separated from my friends, who had also ditched the crowd.  We all had a great time though.  I’m glad I got to see Slaughter perform at this point in their career.  By the way, can someone please tell me, who is Joker??  I have no recollection of this band!!



  1. manzana88 says:

    Thanks, buddy! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    This might help answer that question 🙂

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