2/13/92…Skid Row with Soundgarden @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

Skid Row @ Aragon Ballroom 2/13/92

Skid Row @ Aragon Ballroom 2/13/92

Yes, you did read that title correctly.  Soundgarden DID open for Skid Row back in the beginning of ’92.  It seems like a weird combination now and it was even weirder seeing it happen live.  My best friend & I were so excited to see Skid Row again.  In fact, we were so excited that we left my house without the tickets.  So we had to cruise back to pick them up.  While we were there she snapped this picture of me thumbing through the phone book to make sure I had Aragon’s address:

Making sure I knew where Aragon was.  2/13/92

Making sure I knew where Aragon was. 2/13/92

We were a little stressed because it was a general admission show and driving from Libertyville to the city in rush hour traffic is no easy feat.  Well, luck was with us.  Once we arrived to Aragon, parked, and got in line (which wasn’t too long), the doors opened shortly thereafter.  We RAN into the venue and managed to snag “Sebastian Sweat Zone” seats on the side of the stage.  We were thrilled!!  At the time, we didn’t even know the name of the opening band.  We found out once they came out.  We were like, “Who the hell is Soundgarden?”  This was before Grunge had hit, obviously.  I can’t say that I really liked it, but I didn’t hate it.  It was just completely different from what we were looking forward to from Skid Row. Chris Cornell rocked, of course.  And I remember Ben Shepherd acting so weird and making the goofiest faces.  It was funny.  The set list is pretty great and I would later fall in love with most of these songs once I really got to know Soundgarden’s music.

  1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
  2. Jesus Christ Pose
  3. Face Pollution
  4. Gun
  5. Beyond the Wheel
  6. Rusty Cage
  7. Big Dumb Sex
  8. Outshined
  9. Slaves & Bulldozers

Once Skid Row came out we went CRAZY!!  I definitely got some more of Sebastian’s sweat flipped at me when he whipped his hair.  Nice…This was now my fourth time seeing this band.  I was obviously a huge fan.  But things would be changing soon.  As I got a whiff of grunge, I became just as intoxicated as the masses and my interest in the hair bands would start to wane.  But that wouldn’t be for a little while longer.



  1. Kurt says:

    I too was at this show! While I was a fan of Skid Row, myself and two other guys that I was in a band with at the time went to see Soundgarden. They had been fans since Ultramega Ok so they introduced me to them early on. We all got the Badmotorfinger CD when it came out and I loved it! We got there early and waited in line for hours before the show and I remember it was cold and nasty out. We were lucky to get seats about maybe 8 rows back, just left of center stage. I remember a Jimi Hendrix song was playing just before the band came on and thinking how cool it was that they were playing that as an intro. Soundgarden came on and they were amazing! Cornell’s voice was incredible and being in front of Kim Thail’s amp, the guitar was loud!! During the show I remember Ben kicking cups of water that were on the edge of the stage onto the crowd. During the intermission I noticed some girls looking my way. Maybe because I had the same hair as Sebastian, ha! So about two songs into Skid Row the girls were waving for me to come up by them, so I made my way over the chairs, up to about row 3 where they were and squeezed between them. The rest of the show I had a girl under each arm while we stood on the folding chairs, singing away and sweating because it got really warm in there with all the people. I remember hoping my buddies grabbed my jacket I had left in my original seat by them. Of course my buddies were in a hurry and with everyone in a mad rush to get down those stairs I was stuck in the crowd and couldn’y make my way back to get a number. Great night, AMAZING show and great memories!

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