1/7/94…Warrant with Wee B. Toyz @ Synergy Concert Club, Chicago

Warrant @ Synergy Concert Club 1/7/94

Warrant @ Synergy Concert Club 1/7/94

I’m sure you’re wondering, Warrant?  Really?  I know.  It was way past hair metal days, but we mostly went to this show to support our friend, Gerald.  His band actually opened for Warrant in this unusual slot.

Obviously, people had really moved on from this type of music for Warrant to be playing a club date.  It was cool though.  We saw Gerald’s band, Wee B. Toyz, play for a packed house.  And it was kinda fun to see Warrant again.  The two things I remember most about this show are  1.) how crowded it was and 2.) Warrant doing a cool cover of Bad Company’s “Shooting Star”.  I remember Jani Lane getting the crowd really involved in the song, getting us to sing along.  I guess that’s why I remember it so vividly.  This show may have been out of our realm of music, at the time, but we still managed to have a great time and enjoy the moment.



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