11/24/93…INXS with Catherine Wheel @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

INXS @ Aragon Ballroom 11/24/93

INXS @ Aragon Ballroom 11/24/93

This is one of those shows that should have been more memorable, more meaningful.  But the distractions of the night took away from the experience.  I had been loving INXS now for more than 5 years and this would be my first time seeing them live.  I know, what a shame.  Their new release at the time was Full Moon, Dirty Hearts.  I was still a very strong follower at this time, but their fan base was definitely smaller.  I didn’t care though.  I wanted to go.  So my best friend & I went to this show.  The opening band, Catherine Wheel, turned out to be really good.  I definitely remember them because I went out and bought their album after the show.  While they were playing, Cori & I met some guy who Cori became infatuated with.  In fact, he stayed with us for pretty much the entire show.  He was the distraction, by the way.  I guess it worked out since he later became her boyfriend.  But during the show, I felt like I wasn’t paying as much attention to my boyfriend, Michael Hutchence, which is a great pity.  I know it was a good show.  I definitely had a blast!  But I also wish I had more to say about it.  But again, I can’t find any sort of footage or set list.  BOO!!!  Since the show was general admission we were able to hang out pretty much anywhere we wanted.  We avoided the front of the stage this time and stayed mostly on the outer fringes of the crowd.  I know I attempted to get close to the stage once during the show, but I just didn’t feel like fighting with the crowd, so I ended up back with my friend.  I wish I had seen INXS more than once.  Going to this one show does not in any way do justice to how much of a fan I really was of this band.  It makes me sad, since again we lost another amazing front man almost 4 years later to the day of this show.

**A reader found me the set list & it is as follows:

  1. Encore:

Looks GREAT!!!!!  And I’m sure it sounded even better!! 😉


  1. manzana88 says:

    Thanks so much for the set list. I didn’t realize they played two nights in Chicago. I guess for now I’ll use this set list since I’m sure it’s the same as the night I went. Thanks!! I don’t remember Counting Crows playing. You have a good memory! 🙂

  2. Joe says:

    I was at this show, too. Another thing i remember about it is that before the show started or between sets was the first time I ever heard Counting Crows (they played Mr. Jones). I’d just been searching for the date of the show today and found your site. here’s the setlist:

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