11/18/94…Green Day with Pansy Division @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

Green Day @ Aragon Ballroom 11/18/94 "No Moshing"--yeah, that didn't happen!! ;)

Green Day @ Aragon Ballroom 11/18/94
“No Moshing”–yeah, that didn’t happen!! 😉

Oh boy, was I glad to see a full show from this band.  I had been so very excited to see them at Woodstock ’94 and was so disappointed when their set was cut short by the mud storm.  BOOO!  And just three months later I was lucky enough to catch this show back at home.  My boyfriend and I got there early so we could get fairly close to the stage.  The band had such great energy at Woodstock that I knew I wanted to be front and center for this show.  The opening band was fine.  They had a very clear agenda.  And it was more about them being gay than it was about their music.  I just remember that throughout the whole set, the lead singer felt the need to throw out sexual references and statements about being gay.  It was like, ‘Alright, already.  You’re gay.  Can you please just play???!!!’  The crowd verbally showed their disdain for the band and it turned kind of ugly.  I was just happy they were done so I could see my boys in Green Day.  I was in love with their album Dookie already and had backtracked to their earlier album Kerplunk! to hear more of their music.  I was definitely ready to enjoy their set.  And the set list rocked!

  1. Going to Pasalacqua
  2. Chump
  3. Longview
  4. Burnout
  5. Coming Clean
  6. When I Come Around
  7. Welcome to Paradise
  8. 2000 Light Years Away
  9. Basket Case
  10. All By Myself
  11. Dominated Love Slave
  12. F.O.D.
  13. Paper Lanterns
  14. Christie Road
  15. She

Note: Dookie Tour 94′ show DVD live called “Jaded In Chicago”. Geek Stink Breath sound checked.

Here’s a sampling of how they rocked it out during their show closer “She”:

Billie Joe was a maniac!!!  This was the 2nd and last time for me to see this band perform live.  I think I’m due for a Green Day fix.  After all these years I still LOVE me some Green Day!!

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