10/28/93…Depeche Mode with The The @ Rosemont Horizon, Chicago

Depeche Mode @ Rosemont Horizon 10/28/93

Depeche Mode @ Rosemont Horizon 10/28/93

This was one of my BEST concert/life experiences ever.  This was only my second time seeing D-Mode, but I was still an avid fan.  This was their Devotional Tour in support of their latest release Songs of Faith and Devotion.  I LOVED (still love) this album.  The opening band was The The, and I had heard they were good.  But my friends and I couldn’t really get into them, so we were in and out of the stadium.  I had another friend there who was seated in a different section than us.  We found her and brought her up to our seats so we could all hang out together.  We had a FANTASTIC time.  It got a little crowded up there with my two friends & I, in addition to my other friend and her friends.  But we definitely enjoyed every minute of Depeche Mode’s show.  I cannot stress enough how much fun they are live.  Dave Gahan has so much energy and just shakes his ass all night.  He really gets the crowd involved.  And if you love their music, you’ll LOVE hearing/seeing them live.  I remember it being a long, complete show-with at least two encores.  I can’t find a set list or video footage of this show anywhere, unfortunately.  But my memory of it lingers.  After the show ended, Cori, Val, & I split from my other friend and her posse.  We took our time leaving as we were sharing stories and moments from the show.  As we were walking toward the entrance to leave, one of the roadies called us over.  We were like, “Huh?  Us?”  When he waved us over, we were still like, “What?”  He asked us if we wanted backstage passes.  Are you kidding? REALLY????  Hell yes we want backstage passes!!! lmao

Backstage Pass Rosemont Horizon 10/28/93

Backstage Pass
Rosemont Horizon

After we snatched them up, he told us where to go.  We practically ran back down by the stage so we could get back there.  This time we did get as far as the green room.  After waiting about 30 minutes or so, some lady came in and said the band had already left and wouldn’t be coming in.  BUMMER!!  I was so pissed.  As we started walking out, trying to figure out which way to exit, I was quite loudly verbalizing my disappointment.  Another roadie heard me and said the band was going to Smart Bar and to hold onto our passes cuz they would get us into the party at Smart Bar.  We were beyond excited and jumped into my car to cruise down to the city.  I remember it being freezing out.  We had to wait in line for quite a while before they started letting people in, but we finally did get in.  The first member we saw was Alan Wilder up in the DJ booth.  I think Andrew Fletcher may have been there too, but neither one of these guys came to interact with any of us.  Martin Gore, however, was out on the dance floor with his fans.  He worked the crowd.  He literally walked over to each group that was there and said hi, introduced himself, and hung out a little.  When he got to me and my friends, he said “Hi, I’m Martin”, as if we had no idea who he was.  I remember laughing and introducing myself to him.  We had been dancing at the time, so he just jumped in and started dancing with us.  How freakin’ cool is THAT????  We were dying inside.  I remember him telling my best friend he liked her shoes.  I’m pretty sure she told him, she liked his too.  I know there was more of an interaction, but I can’t remember exactly what we talked about.  Martin is one of the nicest guys ever.  Really!  After a little bit of dancing with us, he excused himself to go interact with some other people.  I don’t think we were there much longer after that.  We had our moment.  It didn’t look like Dave Gahan was gonna show up, so we left.  Just revisiting this now brings a huge smile to my face and a bit of a giggle to my lips.  What a great night!!

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