10/14/94…Live with Weezer & Fatima Mansions @ Riviera Theater, Chicago

Live @ The Riv 10/14/94

Live @ The Riv 10/14/94

Since I had become such a fan of Throwing Copper and I had missed the opportunity to see Live at Woodstock ’94, I was all over this show.  I made sure that I got tickets for me & my boyfriend.  I was not going to miss them again this year.  I loved them live…no pun intended.  The set was mostly focused on the latest album, which was just fine with me.  They threw in some older songs too.  I had pretty much instantly liked them when I first heard them on the radio, so I had already gone back into their earlier catalog and purchased some of those albums.  I had a blast at this show.  It was full of energy & fun!  Here’s what that set list looked like:

  1. Selling the Drama
  2. All Over You
  3. The Beauty of Gray
  4. Shit Towne
  5. Take My Anthem
  6. Lightning Crashes
  7. Supernatural
(Vic Chesnutt cover)
  8. Mother Earth Is a Vicious Crowd
  9. The Dam at Otter Creek
  10. Top
  11. Iris
  12. I Alone
  13. Freaks
  14. Waitress
  15. 10,000 Years (Peace Is Now)
  16. T.B.D.
  17. White, Discussion


As for Weezer opening for Live…hmmm.  Do I really remember this?  Nope.  It’s crazy because just five months later I was seeing Weezer in their own headlining tour.  So either I missed their opening set, or I just wasn’t really into them yet.  It’s crazy to see the combinations of bands on some of these tours.  I really wish I had paid more attention back then.

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