The 90’s: ’90-’94

Moving into this decade brought me into my 20′s and into a whole new world of music.  My musical exploration easily followed that of the times.  I was always exploring new genres, new artists; and that is evident in my concert selections.  I may have started the 90′s off slowly, but the number of shows certainly increased as the years passed.  In the early 90′s I was still enjoying my favorite hair metal bands to the fullest.  By 1993 I had  begun my journey into alternative rock and grunge.  As the music changed, so did my fashion, my hair, and my attitude.  Pictures most definitely depict the times, which is why I try to include as many as I can from the shows that I attended in this era.  Up through 1994 alternative music pretty much ruled my world, but it was interlaced with a bit of industrial dance music.  Another thing the 90′s was known for in Chicago was the emergence of my boys, DA BULLS!  Michael Jordan finally got his first ring in 1991.  The BULLS reign had begun and I hopped right on to that bandwagon and stayed with it till the end of the decade.  Surprisingly, it would take a bit longer for me to have the opportunity to attend a game.  For me, this was a very exciting time for music.  It was a time when I would hear a band, fall in love with their songs, and really get to know their music & lyrics.  I miss this type of connection.  I find it so much harder to build a connection to artists and their music in today’s over-saturated market.  Bands don’t seem to have the same type of longevity in the industry or anywhere near the same impact on its audience.  People jump from band to band in order to find the next best thing.  Where’s the loyalty??  Follow me back through this first part of the decade to see just what I mean.

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