8/8/87…Menudo at Navy Pier’s Pan-American Festival, Chicago

Menudo @ Navy Pier's Pan-American Festival 8/8/87

Menudo @ Navy Pier’s Pan-American Festival 8/8/87

This show was kind of a mess.  Earlier in the year, Menudo had suddenly lost its best-loved member, Robby.  His replacement, Ruben, was adorable and as usual we learned to deal with it.  Menudo had made a special appearance in July at the Rock & Roll McDonald’s and held a press conference.  They didn’t do a concert during this visit.  My favorite member (Charlie) had left the band, although he was still traveling with the group as part of a farewell tour for him.  Ralphy was introduced as his replacement at this press conference.  But not a month later, when they returned for this show at Navy Pier, Ralphy (who appears in the flyer) was no longer with the group.  And Charlie, who was going to be a “special guest”, ended up performing with the group.  He was back in.  This was a very strange and confusing time for the group and its fans.  But we still managed to enjoy the show!

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