8/23/85…Johnny Lozada @ Navy Pier’s Pan-American Festival, Chicago

It had been two years since I had first fallen in love with Menudo.  I had been the model fan in every way you could imagine.  But the pinnacle for any super-fan is to be able to meet her idols.  Well, up to this point I hadn’t had the opportunity.  But the one major thing that had changed for me and my friends was the connection we had made with other super-fans.  We finally got in with the “right” fans.  And by “right”, I mean we got in with the girls with “the know”.  These were the girls that got the inside info on when the guys were flying in to the airport, what hotels they were staying at, etc.  So when we found out that Ex-Menudo, Johnny, was coming to Chicago for a concert, not only did we make sure we were at the show, but we found out what time his flight came in so we could personally greet him at the airport.

Johnny signing autographs @ O'hare Airport using my marker. 8/23/85

Johnny signing autographs @ O’hare Airport using my marker. 8/23/85

And then we found out what hotel he was staying at.

Meeting Johnny for the first time @ the Days Inn Hotel 8/22/85

Meeting Johnny for the first time @ the Days Inn Hotel 8/22/85

This was why it was so very important that we hung out with the “right” fans.  We were a smaller clique of girls that hoarded the important information so that we would be the only ones to see the guys in person.  We didn’t want EVERYONE to find out.  Airport & hotel security were much more accommodating if there wasn’t a huge group of girls around.  We had finally arrived as fans and there was no looking back.  And for the first time EVER, my friends and I got to meet, hang out, & take pictures with one of our idols.  You can only imagine my nervous excitement.  It was the most incredible weekend EVER, up to that point.  The pictures speak for themselves.


Seeing Johnny his last day in Chicago @ the Days Inn Hotel 8/24/85


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