12/22/89…Warrant with The Front @ Star Plaza Theatre, Merrillville IN


Warrant @ Star Plaza Theatre 12/22/89

Oh yes.  This concert was my gateway into full-on Glam Rock heaven!!  My friend, Rhonda, bought us these tickets.  I was super excited that I would have something fun to do during my Winter Break from school.  Warrant’s first album had been released this year and they were at the point of breaking out big.  It was great to see them at this venue, as it wasn’t a huge space.  We didn’t have the best seats, but I remember at one point moving up the aisle during the opening performance.  The opening band, The Front, was completely unknown to me.  But I loved ‘em.  In fact, I went out and bought their album after the show, which I still have and love to this day.  They were not of the same genre as Warrant at all.  I remember seeing one of their videos on MTV after this show, but they never broke.  Here’s a sample of their sound…Sweet Addiction~(Segue).  You be the judge. When Warrant came on, the crowd went crazy.  They were very playful throughout the entire show.  The show was a lot of fun and was all about their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich.  This was also my last show of the decade.  I’d say I went out with a bang.

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