12/11-12/13/87…Tropico Weekend Getaway, New York City


Susan & I--she was my partner in crime who helped me plan my secret weekend getaway  to NYC 12/11-12/13/87

Susan & I–she was my partner in crime who helped me plan my secret weekend getaway to NYC 12/11-12/13/87

On the night of 12/10/87 I was at O’Hare Airport hanging out with my boys from Menudo.  And most of my friends knew that I had even more excitement planned for the weekend.  The next day, Friday 12/11/87 I was leaving for my secret trip to NYC to hang out with a bunch of friends that I had made in Puerto Rico the year before.  I couldn’t have been more excited.  The first time I went to PR I had met a bunch of different guys.  Some of these guys became lasting friends.  When my friends and I went back to Puerto Rico in 1987, we spent the majority of our time hanging out with these guys and met a few more.  It turned out five of them had formed their own boy band and were trying to make it in the music world.  When I found out they would be doing a show in NYC, I first asked my parents if I could go.  And when they told me no, I secretly planned to go anyway.  With a ton of careful planning, strategizing, and help from my friends, I made it happen.  And man, did I have a great weekend.  One of the girls I stayed with (Susan) was roommates with one of my friends from Chicago during the first Puerto Rico trip.  She & I had stayed good friends after the trip.  She even came back to Puerto Rico with us the second and third time we went.  So it was a no-brainer to go to NYC to see Tropico, since I’d be staying with her & her friends.

I surprised the guys with my arrival.  They had no idea I was making the trip from Chicago.  Actually, only Aurelio knew & he was sworn to secrecy.  I got there on a Friday night and the Tropico party/concert was the next day.  We stayed at the same hotel as they did, so we pretty much hung out with them all weekend.  They definitely had fans there to see them, so sometimes it was hard to get time with them.  The show was basically a party and live performance so all the girls got to meet them and see them sing/dance.

Tropico Xmas Party @ N.Y. California Club 12/12/87

Tropico Xmas Party @ N.Y. California Club 12/12/87

It was a lot of fun just being there.  I got to hang out with the guys for a bit after the show, which was great.  I had to leave the next morning and would miss their final get-together.  This trip was one of my greatest feats EVER.  Even now I look back on it with great fondness and marvel at my ability to get away with it.

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