11/9/85…Menudo @ Arie Crown Theatre, Chicago

Menudo @ Arie Crown Theatre 11/9/85

This show was long overdue, as far as my friends & I were concerned.  Originally, the concert was to have taken place in August, but 3 of the members came down with chicken pox and the show had to be rescheduled.  In a way, this change worked out in our favor.  The day the tickets went on sale for the November date my parents drove me and a couple of my friends to the Arie Crown Theatre box office so we could get first pick at tickets.  Happily, I found myself as one of the first people in line.  When the box office opened and I walked up to buy my tickets, I very excitedly asked for front row while pushing a wad of money under the window with my badly shaking hands.  I was pretty much in tears when I was handed the tickets with Row A printed across them.  Unbelievable!!!!!  I’ll never forget tricking my best friend when I went over to her house with her ticket.  I told her he we didn’t get good seats and then proceeded to watch her face light up in shock and amazement when she saw that we had front row.  Priceless!  This was the show of all shows for me and my friends.  My dad came along once again and took some amazing shots of the guys.  Because we were so close, I also got some great shots of my own.  Although we were on the left side of the stage, it was the perfect side for me, as my favorite member, Charlie, was directly in front of me.  This show was also the first for the newest member, Raymond.  As fans, we were always transitioning with the band as members aged out of the group. I was 15 years old and living the life, as far as I was concerned.  Nothing could be better than this!  NOTHING!  Or so I thought…

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