10/25/85…Johnny Lozada @ Biograph Theater, Chicago

This was no ordinary concert.  This was a feat of will. At the beginning of my Sophomore year in High School, one of my best friends saw a little snippet in a newspaper that Johnny was doing a special tour for schools to help promote bilingual education.  The purpose of the show was to incorporate his Spanish language songs and printed lyrics into a concert for students learning Spanish so that they could more easily connect with the language.  Honestly, we didn’t care about all that.  All we cared about was getting to see Johnny in concert.  We brought the information to our Spanish teacher and implored her to let us do this as a field trip.  She looked into it and found out that it would cost the school $600 to do it, which is way beyond what any normal field trip would cost.  So, she told us if we could get enough people to consent to going and cover the cost of the show we could go.  That was all the motivation we needed.  Including all my Menudo girls and everyone we knew from the Spanish Club and even those we didn’t know too well from the Spanish Club, we were able to convince more than 20 of our classmates to cough up $20 a head to make this incredible field trip happen.  It was the best field trip EVER!!!  Not only did we get an incredible concert, but we got to interact with Johnny once again.  What a thrill.  The concert took place at  the legendary Biograph Theater and included several schools from the Chicago area.  We were the first school to arrive and therefore got the best seats in the house…FRONT ROW!!

The musical snippet is the song Invitame that my three best friends & I got to help Johnny sing on stage. Corina sang with him first, then I was invited up to sing, and next my friend Linda sang.  The three of us stayed up on stage with him until Linda finished her part.  After we sang, my friend Marcie (who recorded the whole show) went up to sing with him.  You can hear all of us screaming at each other during the song.

What a great day!

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