10/22/88…Menudo with Sa-Fire & Cover Girls @ International Amphitheatre, Chicago

I’m not sure if I knew it at the time, but this turned out to be the last Menudo concert I would ever attend.  I had gone away to college a couple of months earlier.  As soon as I got to school, I could feel my pull away from the group beginning and my obsession with them starting to wane.  I was suddenly faced with a whole new world of friends, opportunities, and music.  I wanted to experience college life to the fullest.  And if I continued solely focusing on Menudo, that would not happen.  My friend, Rhonda, got me this ticket and I wanted to come in for it.  But the night before the show, when my friends & I stopped by the hotel, I could already feel things were different.

We were there only a short time and I remember leaving to go to a party.  I never would have done that before.  Then the show was even a bit off.

Menudo @ International Amphiteatre 10/22/88

Menudo @ International Amphiteatre 10/22/88

I mean, they had two Freestyle performers open up for them.  Mind you, this was their transformation into more of a rock group.  They even had a live band playing with them.  So to have Sa-Fire & The Cover Girls open made zero sense.  Also, the group was now down to only four members.  You could feel the tides were turning for Menudo.

I know I enjoyed the show, but honestly after I went back to school, I realized that my Menudo journey was over.  The guys were now all younger than me, which felt very weird.  I think I realized that it was time to move on.  Man, is it sad thinking about it now.  But if I had continued following them in the way I had been, I never would have begun experiencing all the music & shows that were yet to come my way.  I will always hold a very special place in my heart for these guys and these times in my life.  I have some of the most amazing memories and I made some wonderful friends during these years.  I wouldn’t change a thing!!

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