8/21/03…Elefant with The GoStation @ Knitting Factory, New York City

Elefant @ Knitting Factory 8/21/03

Elefant @ Knitting Factory 8/21/03

The main reason I attended this show was to support my friends in The GoStation.  It was a bit of a bonus that I was also newly familiar with the headlining band, Elefant.  My friends did their thing to open.  It was great to see them performing during CMJ and in this type of venue, especially in their main room.  One perk of knowing the band was getting to hang out upstairs by the green room.  Apparently, the guys in Elefant thought it was for their exclusive use, so they kinda took it over with all of their hairspray, friends, & attitude.  Yikes.  That was kind of a turn-off.  And while, I had enjoyed their album, their stage show was a little weird.  In fact, the lead singer proved to be an awkward front man.  At one point he gushed about the inspiration behind their song, “Bokkie” and ended up pulling said inspiration on to the stage where he proceeded to hug & kiss & dance around with her.  It was slightly uncomfortable for the rest of us to be witness to such unabashed affection.  Chill out, dude.  Anyway, I did have fun at the show, if only for my friends.  Thank you, GoStation!!

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