8/17/01…Maxwell with Alicia Keys @ Roseland Ballroom, New York City

Maxwell @ Roseland Ballroom 8/17/01

Maxwell @ Roseland Ballroom 8/17/01

Sade on the 16th & Maxwell on the 17th??  Not a bad two days of shows!  I had fallen for Maxwell & his music back when I was still living in Chicago.  He had a very sexy way about him that made the girls swoon…me included.  I could not WAIT to see him perform live.  My friend from work & I decided to go to the show together.  Alicia Keys, his opener, was fairly new on the music scene with her album Songs In A Minor.  She performed solo on stage-only Alicia & her keyboard.  She was pretty good.  I was very anxious for Maxwell, though, and couldn’t wait for her to finish her set.  After she was done, my friend & I decided it was time to make our move to get closer to the stage.  It was a standing room only show, so we literally shoved our way up closer to the front.  I really thought I was going to get beat up because I very aggressively pushed through the crowd.  But come on, I HAD to see Maxwell from a closer distance.  I was literally screaming like a fool once he came out.  And I found myself yelling inappropriate things at him throughout the entire show.  I couldn’t help myself.  This man is so freakin’ hot!  This tour was in support of his new album Now, but he did songs off of his first two albums as well.

  1. “Urban Suite” (Intro interlude)
  2. “Now/At the Party”
  3. “Sumthin’ Sumthin’“
  4. “Everwanting:To Want you to Want Me”
  5. “Lifetime“
  6. “This Woman’s Work“
  7. “Get to Know Ya“
  8. “Dancewitme”
  9. “W/As My Girl”
  10. “For Lovers Only”
  11. “Fortunate“
  12. “Changed”
  13. “…Til the Cops Come Knockin’”
  14. “You’re the Kinda Woman”
  15. “Whenever Wherever Whatever”
  16. “Suite Theme” (tease)
  17. “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)“

He was a very smooth performer.  He had the women in the audience wrapped around his little finger.  We were eating up every moment of the show.  My friend & I loved it!  There was so much love in the audience that we even became friendly with the girls I had shoved out of the way earlier.  Good times!  Maxwell was the epitome of a contemporary soul singer.  He was so worth seeing live!

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