8/16/01…Sade with India.Arie @ Jones Beach, Wantagh NY

Sade @ Jones Beach 8/16/01

Sade @ Jones Beach 8/16/01

Sade had held a special place in my heart since the late 90′s.  Sure I was familiar with her first single, “Smooth Operator” from the 80′s, but I didn’t really start getting into her till I began dating Jason, the guy I met in Las Vegas back in ’98.  Her music will always remind me of him and moving to NYC.  I discovered that another co-worker of mine was also a big Sade fan.  So when we found out she would be performing at Jones Beach, we decided we’d go to the show together.  He was coming from Brooklyn & I was coming from Queens, so we met up in Manhattan and took the train into Long Island.  There was some confusion on his part and he ended up meeting me really, really late.  I was pretty upset because I really wanted to see India.Arie.  Unfortunately, all I got to hear was the tail end of her last song as we arrived to the outdoor theater.  It took me a little while to get over being mad about it.  Poor Damion.  By the time we got up to our seats and relaxed, before Sade came out, I finally calmed down.  Jones Beach is outside literally by the water.  It was a  beautiful & breezy Summer evening.  It was the perfect setting for a Sade show.  I wasn’t sure what kind of show she would put on.  I just knew I was looking forward to it.  She had a pretty wonderful set list:

  1. Cherish the Day
  2. Your Love Is King
  3. Somebody Already Broke My Heart
  4. Cherry Pie
  5. Pearls
  6. Every Word
  7. Smooth Operator
  8. Operator Jam
  9. Jezebel
  10. Kiss of Life
  11. Slave Song
  12. The Sweetest Gift
  13. The Sweetest Taboo
  14. Lover’s Rock
  15. Immigrant
  16. Paradise
  17. King of Sorrow
  18. No Ordinary Love
  19. By Your Side
  20. Encore:
  21. Flow
  22. It’s Only Love That Gets You Through
  23. Is It a Crime

She performed songs from the new album, which I really loved, and some of her oldies but goodies.  She was so cute and had so much fun with her band and the audience.  She was barefoot on stage and dancing around.  Since she really doesn’t tour unless she is supporting a new album, which she puts out once every five years or so, I felt very lucky to have this opportunity to see her perform.  It was a really lovely show.

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