7/26/01…Madonna @ Madison Square Garden, New York City

Madonna @ Madison Square Garden 7/26/01

Madonna @ Madison Square Garden 7/26/01

I had never seen Madonna perform live.  This was her first tour in EIGHT long years.  Was I gonna go?  HELL YEAH!  I truly spared no expense for this ticket.  It may have a face value of $88, but I paid WAY more for this ticket on Ebay.  The seat was in a great location in the arena and I was dying to see this show, so price was no object.  And it proved to be well worth it.  It was a pretty incredible performance.  The costumes and set design alone were worth the price of admission.  But to see Madonna perform in all her glory was the cherry on top.  This tour followed on the heels of the release of Music.  What a great album!  She was brought way back into the spotlight by the title song and video.  I was psyched for the live version.  The show was divided into very specific sections that were marked by costume changes.

  1. Cyber-Punk
  2. Drowned World/Substitute for Love
(with samples from “Music”, “… more)
  3. Impressive Instant
  4. Candy Perfume Girl
  5. Beautiful Stranger
(with samples from “Soul Bossa Nova (Dim’s Space-A-Nova)”)
  6. Ray of Light
(with snippets of “Drowned World/Substitute for Love”)
  7. Geisha
  8. Paradise (Not for Me)
(video interlude)
  9. Frozen
  10. Nobody’s Perfect
(with snippets of “Open Your Heart”)
  11. Mer Girl
(Part 1)
  12. Sky Fits Heaven
  13. Mer Girl
(Part 2)
  14. Cowgirl
  15. What It Feels Like for a Girl
(video interlude)
  16. I Deserve It
  17. Don’t Tell Me
  18. Human Nature
  19. The Funny Song
  20. Secret
  21. You’ll See
  22. Latin
  23. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
(Julie Covington cover) (instrumental)
  24. Lo que siente la mujer
  25. La Isla Bonita
  26. Encore:
  27. Holiday
(with samples from “Music … more)
  28. Encore 2:
  29. Music

It was all very impressive.  While the set list mostly focused on songs from Music and Ray of Light, Madonna also plugged in some of her classics, which made the fans very happy.  And to encore with “Holiday”??  I was so excited.  Beyond!  And then she tied it into “Music”??!!  Ay Ay Ay!  I was a happy girl.  I had finally had my chance to see a Madonna show and it went way above my expectations.  And since my solo Depeche Mode concert, I was just fine attending this show alone too.  It was one huge party!

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