6/16/04…Madonna @ Madison Square Garden, New York City

Madonna @ Madison Square Garden 6/16/04

Madonna @ Madison Square Garden 6/16/04

I had just seen my first Madonna show a few years earlier at MSG, so I knew I was in for another great experience.  I couldn’t wait.  This was a late birthday present to myself.  For the first time, my seats were on the complete opposite side of where I had usually sat for shows.  I was on the left side of the stage.  My seats were ok, but I definitely paid through the nose for the ticket.  Madonna looked fantastic for this performance.  She had some pretty great costume changes.  This to me, seemed to be a more politically driven tour, most likely since it was an election year.  I do remember her pushing the audience to see Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 because she had just seen it herself.  Here’s a clip of some of The Reinvention Tour’s highlights:

I enjoyed this performance a lot, but I almost feel like I had more fun during the first show I had seen.  I was happy to hear a bigger variety of songs in this set list, especially some of the older cuts.

  1. French Baroque:
  2. The Beast Within
(video intro)
  3. Vogue
  4. Nobody Knows Me
  5. Frozen
  6. Military:
  7. American Life
  8. Express Yourself
  9. Burning Up
  10. Material Girl
  11. Circus:
  12. Hollywood
(video interlude)
  13. Hanky Panky
  14. Deeper and Deeper
  15. Die Another Day
  16. Lament
(Julie Covington cover)
  17. Acoustic:
  18. Bedtime Story
(video interlude)
  19. Nothing Fails
  20. Don’t Tell Me
  21. Like a Prayer
  22. Mother and Father
(with snippets from “Intervention”)
  23. Imagine
(John Lennon cover)
  24. Scottish:
  25. Into the Groove
(with snippets from “Susan MacLeod” by Donald MacLeod and “Into the Hollywood Groove”)
  26. Papa Don’t Preach
(with samples from “Take Me With You” by Cosmos and snippets of “American Life”)
  27. Crazy for You
  28. Music
(with samples from “Into the Groove” and snippets of “Mission: Impossible Theme” by Lalo Schifrin)
  29. Holiday
(with samples from “She Wants to Move” by N*E*R*D)

I definitely had a great time.  How could I not at a Madonna show??

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