6/12/01…Gipsy Kings @ Radio City Music Hall, New York City

Gipsy Kings @ Radio City Music Hall 6/12/01

Gipsy Kings @ Radio City Music Hall 6/12/01

“Bamboleo!! Bambolea!! Porque mi vida yo la prefiero vivir asi!”  I had gotten into this band while I was in my Freshman year of college.  I liked their music, but I never really considered going to see them live.  So, going to this show was kind of a last-minute decision.  My co-worker & I talked about how we both liked the Gipsy Kings, we discussed how they had an upcoming show, and finally we just decided to go to the concert!  He & I were both fairly recent transplants to NYC so we kinda reached out to each other at work for support in adjusting to the move.  And then we further bonded over music, in particular by going to this show together.  I’m so glad we went.  I had never been to Radio City before.  What a beautiful theater!!  Because we bought our tickets late, we didn’t have the best seats, but that didn’t kill our fun.  For the most part, the Gipsy Kings show was an upbeat, energetic show.  They played some slower, more emotional songs that temporarily slowed the energy in the room.  But the faster tempo songs got the audience back on their feet.  In fact, toward the end of the show, my friend and I were up on our feet and dancing down the aisle.  It was so hilarious!  At that point, we just wanted to get a little closer to the stage while we had the chance.  This was a fun show and a great way to kick off my birthday week!

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