5/28/06…Lestat @ The Palace Theatre, New York City

Lestat @ The Palace Theatre 5/28/06

Lestat @ The Palace Theatre 5/28/06

This was the Elton John/Bernie Taupin penned musical.  With those names attached to the show, I thought I couldn’t go wrong when I purchased it as a Christmas gift for my friend.  I hadn’t intended on going with him, but due to circumstances, he asked me to be his date for this performance.  Little did we know that this would end up being the closing performance of the show.  I guess it was a little before it’s time.  If it had come out a few years later, the vampire theme probably would’ve made it a big hit.  The overwhelming highlight of the show was the performance of one of its stars, Allison Fischer.  She was incredible.  Here’s a clip of one of her amazing numbers in the show, “I Want More”:

She was probably our favorite part of this otherwise strange show.  My friend and I both thought it was ok, but not great.  I guess you never know what will make a Broadway show a hit until it’s out for a little while.  Note to self, ‘wait till the show runs for at least a month before purchasing tickets’.

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