3/11/01…Chicago @ Shubert Theatre, New York City

Chicago @ Shubert Theatre 3/11/01

Chicago @ Shubert Theatre 3/11/01

I moved to NYC with my boyfriend in August 2000.  It was an exciting time for us, it was a trying time for us.  Even coming from a big city like Chicago, it was still quite an adjustment.  And one of our planned transitional moments was to attend a real New York City musical.  And what better choice, than one named for our hometown, Chicago??  I had NEVER been to a real Broadway show in NYC, so I was quite excited!!  When I first bought the tickets, I was disappointed to find out that Bebe Neuwirth had already done her last performance in this run of the show.  But, I was still looking forward to seeing it.  When we got to the theatre and started looking through the playbill, I read that Bebe was going to be performing in this show and this performance would be her last.  WOW!!  What a fantastic surprise!  We had pretty good seats so we really got to enjoy all the sights & sounds of this fantastic show in clear detail.  It was really incredible and such a great way to become more acclimated to New York City life.


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