10/3/04…Franz Ferdinand with Blanche & The Evaporators @ Roseland Ballroom, New York City

Franz Ferdinand @ Roseland Ballroom 10/3/04

Franz Ferdinand @ Roseland Ballroom 10/3/04

This show was part of a romantic weekend package that I had put together for the guy I was seeing at the time.  The weekend fun had started the night before with dinner and a movie.  I took this guy to a great restaurant in the city that had a fantastic outside patio.  Indian Summer was in full effect and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  THEN, for whatever reason, the hostess walked us out to what looked like the best table on this beautiful patio. (I swear I didn’t request it.)  It was sort of weird and a bit overwhelming, I think, for this guy.  After we were done eating, I told him I had a surprise for him.  That’s when we walked over to Sunshine Cinemas, where they have showings of classic movies.  The movie I was taking him to see was one of his all-time favorites:  Breakfast At Tiffany’s.  I thought it would be great for us to see this classic up on the big screen.  I know I loved it!  As for him, I think all this attention to detail (on my part) was all just a bit overwhelming for him.  I was dealing with a commitment phobe and this just pushed him over the edge.  I was so annoyed with him by the end of the night, that I almost didn’t take him to the Franz Ferdinand show the following night even though I had purchased tickets weeks prior.  Well, he wasn’t happy about that.  And made a last-ditch plea to go with me.  I finally gave in.  But I tell you, the animosity that I felt for him, because of his lack of gracefulness in this situation, made the show much less pleasurable for me.  I really liked Franz Ferdinand a lot.  But, I didn’t even allow myself half the fun that I normally would have had at a show.  In fact, we stood way in the back for the entire performance.  I don’t even remember the opening bands in the slightest.  And even though I know I liked Franz Ferdinand’s set of music a lot, I wish I had gone with someone else.  Yes, even to this day, I still wish that.    Here’s what the set list looked like:

  1. Cheating on You
  2. Auf Achse
  3. 40′
  4. Tell Her Tonight
  5. Take Me Out
  6. Jacqueline
  7. Your Diary
  8. The Dark of the Matinée
  9. Come on Home
  10. All for You, Sophia
  11. Michael
  12. Darts of Pleasure
  13. Encore:
  14. Shopping for Blood
  15. This Fire

It was all about their debut album, which was great!  I hope one day I have the chance to see them again so that I can erase the bad taste in my mouth from this first show.

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