10/30/03…The Strokes with Kings Of Leon & Regina Spektor @ The Theater At Madison Square Garden, New York City

The Strokes @ The Theater At Madison Square Garden 10/30/03

The Strokes @ The Theater At Madison Square Garden 10/30/03

This was my first show at this particular venue.  I had seen several shows at MSG by now, but not in this more intimate theater.  I was excited that my first time there would be to see two great bands.  I had really fallen in love with the debut albums of both of these bands.  AND, even though I had bought a seat, my friend had just gotten a job as security here, so he told me he’d be able to let me into the orchestra pit for the show.  I took my seat for Kings of Leon and just stayed in my seat during their set.  I thought they were ok.  They weren’t the best live band and, honestly, they’re still not.  I do love their albums though.  Apparently Regina Spektor performed in the first slot of this show; I honestly don’t remember seeing her.  You’d think she would’ve made some kind of impression, but I remember not even a moment of her performance.   Before The Strokes came on, my friend picked me up from my seat and walked me down to the pit.  I was so excited.  At the time, Drew Barrymore had been dating The Strokes’ drummer, Fab Moretti, and my friend said she & Liv Tyler had been hanging out in the pit during the show the previous night.  Well, she wasn’t there this particular night.  At least she wasn’t in the pit.  I was pretty psyched for this performance.  But I have to admit that The Strokes didn’t really wow me that much either.  Could it be possible that not just one, but TWO bands that I had really dug couldn’t turn on the energy for live shows??  Unfortunately, the answer was yes.  I had fun, I guess.  But I didn’t feel the same type of energy that I normally do at a live show.  This was their lackluster set list:

  1. What Ever Happened?
  2. Alone, Together
  3. Under Control
  4. Hard to Explain
  5. Between Love & Hate
  6. Reptilia
  7. Someday
  8. The End Has No End
  9. The Modern Age
  10. 12:51
  11. New York City Cops
  12. Soma
  13. Last Nite
  14. Automatic Stop
  15. I Can’t Win
  16. Take It or Leave It
  17. Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men
(with Regina Spektor)

After the show was over, I met up with my friend who was off of work and another one of our friends that had surprisingly made it to the show.  He scored tickets at the last-minute.  We went and had a quick drink and then hung out by the backstage entrance in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the band.  Well, guess who was standing out there talking to the driver?  Yes, Drew Barrymore.  No matter how many times we called her name or tried to catch her attention, she successfully ignored us.  I mean, she never paused once in her conversation with this guy.  It was as if we didn’t exist.  Thanks, Drew.  Finally a couple of the guys from The Strokes came out, including Fab (Ms. Bitch’s boyfriend) and he was nice enough to talk to some of the fans and take pictures.  I can’t remember if my friends got any pictures, but I didn’t.  I didn’t have a camera on me.  Oh well.  I do have the memory.

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