10/14/04…La Oreja de Van Gogh @ Latin Quarter, New York City

Remember that guy that pissed me off at Franz Ferdinand??  Yeah, well, he took me to this show.  This is a Spanish band that he had introduced me to on a mix CD he had made me when I first met him.  Sweet, right?  HA!  He wanted to return the favor of taking me to a show since I had taken him to Franz Ferdinand.  Well, the show was ok.  It was in a smallish club so it was a bit awkward as far as finding a good place to stand and still being able to see the band.  I did enjoy the show though, since I really did like their music.  The company, on the other hand, was still just as awkward.  I really don’t have any complaints though since this time, at least, I didn’t have to pay to endure the awkwardness. lol

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